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From our tithing money, we support various ministries both here and overseas.  The following is a list and description of those we currently support. Please pray for these.




The Athens College of Ministry is a local, interdenominational Christian college offering certificate, undergraduate, and graduate programs to prepare pastors, worship leaders, prayer ministers and others for vocational ministry. ACM also hosts Lifelong Ministry workshops and seminars to help equip the Body of Christ for a “greater things” lifestyle through the power of Jesus alive in each one of us. Those needing personal, relational, or emotional support can visit the ACM Prayer Ministry Center as they seek the Lord’s direction about their struggle.


Director: Marcia Wilbur



The Great Exchange is an Athens-based evangelical ministry that uses surveys to help people open up and talk about their spiritual background and their understanding of God, Jesus, and Christianity. The Great Exchange has visited over 30 college campuses and works alongside other ministries to host one-day events featuring open-air conversations about Christ.


Director: Jon Deans


RICH SUPLITA (Tom Short ministries)

We give monthly support to Rich Suplita as he does campus evangelism all over the United States with Tom Short ministries. Website is:

More than ever before, the university campus is a battleground of ideologies, worldviews and truth claims. Students are taught that there can be a creation without a creator, that the Bible is outmoded, irrelevant, filled with errors and even dangerous, and that Jesus Christ is just another ancient religious teacher among many equally sagacious others. Our mission is to take the truth about the Creator, the Bible and Jesus Christ to the home turf of the modern secularist. At 15 to 20 campuses each semester, we work with local Christian student organizations to set up our Truth on Display banners in an outdoor campus commons area. We invite dialogue from believers and unbelievers alike. Each week, the gospel is explained to dozens who have never before heard it (including many international students) and we field hundreds of questions from skeptics, secularists, people of other religions (particularly Muslim and Hindu), as well as those who identify as Christians. Each semester, dozens of students respond to the gospel by turning to Jesus Christ and many more are plugged into local churches and campus ministries where they can grow in their faith during their college years.



ATHENS PRAYER NETWORK is helping prepare for a move of God in Athens and beyond through mobilizing citywide prayer.  This is accomplished through…

1. Gathering, praying with and encouraging pastors

2. Connecting and resourcing prayer ministries and praying churches

3. Equipping people to pray powerfully and effectively


Facilitator: Steve Smith



Jim and Christy (Yugoslavia)

Jim and Christy were sent out from Living Hope in January of 2017.  They are a part of a “gate-way-city” Disciple Making Team (DMM) with a national sending agency and are serving among Croatians, Bosnians, and Serbians in the former Yugoslavia.  By making disciples who make disciples, they are asking God to start a multiplying movement of Jesus-followers where there are currently so few.  (There are approximately 40-80 baptized believers in their city of 700,000.)  Initially the team is concentrating their efforts on learning language, but eventually their non-profit organization hopes to bless locals through education and pro-life projects as well as mobilization and DMM training in the local church.

Jesse (South Asia)

Exposed to God’s heart for the nations through Perspectives and trained through the Athens Launch, Jesse was sent out from Living Hope in 2015.  Jessica is coming back on home assignment in May.  When she returns to South Asia in September/October she will be in a completely new city with a completely new team and assignment.

Jeremiah (Balkans)

Jeremy was first impacted by God’s heart for the nations in 2009 when his high school church exposed him to refugees from unreached countries. Since then he spent his time at UGA gaining exposure to various beliefs and cultures. Following graduation, he spent a year being trained by Athens Launch.  He was recently living and serving in the Balkans region making disciples who make disciples, looking to see a movement of new followers of Jesus. Initially he was spending most of his time learning language and culture, but eventually blessed the locals through education.  He is serving with an agency whose core values is to mobilize teams to glorify God among unreached peoples by initiating church-planting movements in partnership with local churches.

Andrew, Annie, and Josiah (South Asia)

Passionate about providing access to the Gospel to all peoples. They have spent the past two years in North Africa and are now being deployed to lead a team into Northern India. They will be leading a team focused on the unreached, while simultaneously training and discipling college students who are seeking out their own personal calling into missions.We are supporting this missionary family with a one time and monthly support.

One Time Gifts

  • Missionary Care Ministries (retreat center for overseas workers) – $1,200
  • Various Short-term workers – over $3000
  • SWAT Ministries – $750
  • Jeremiah Stevens – $1,000
  • Wesley Foundation for UGA outreach – $300
  •  Samaritans Purse – $5,000 Refugee crisis in Europe.


We have recently been able to give $10,000 to Engadi Ministries in Guetamala to help them purchase a Community Transformation Center.



Previous Missionaries

Jeremy (East Africa)

Exposed to God’s heart for the nations through The Navigators at UGA, Jeremy was sent out from Living Hope in 2014.  It was his second year abroad. It was his desire to peacefully engage with Muslims living in east-Africa.  He has since returned.


Living Hope: Pastor David: