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Child Dedications at Living Hope Church


Rather than do infant baptisms (see Pastor David’s tract “Biblical Baptism” for more information on this), we do child dedications.  Hannah dedicated Samuel to the Lord.  Jesus was dedicated at the Temple.


This is a special time for the parents to surrender themselves to the Lord, dedicate themselves to raising the child according to God’s Word, for family/friends/body of Christ to pledge their prayers and support, and an opportunity to invite unsaved family to come to Living Hope.  In addition, we believe this can be a great opportunity for God to impart something very important to your child.


As parent(s), we ask that you:

  • Search your heart to make sure you are truly saved by grace through faith in Christ alone.
  • Seriously dedicated yourselves to the important role of biblical parenting.
  • Seek God about what you want to “claim” for this child (scripture verse, character quality, destiny, etc.).  Be prepared to share that in the service when your child is dedicated.
  • Prayerfully invite friends and family to attend the service of dedication.
  • Email to one week before the service a picture of you with your child and/or just the child, with the full name, birthdate, weight, and length.  We will put this on the screen during the dedication.


The service of dedication will include:

  • Calling you to the stage.  You may invite a few family members to come up with you.
  • Asking you the following questions:
    • If married, “Do you surrender your marriage to God and pledge to stay together for the glory of God and the good of your children?”
    • “Do you commit to living for Christ so as to be an example to your child?”
    • Do you commit to praying for this child and raising him/her according to God’s Word in the power of the Holy Spirit?
    • Share with us what you are “claiming” for your child.
  • Then we will lay hands on your child and pray for your child, even being open to “prophetic words” being given for your child.
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