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Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Dear Living Hope Church,


Our new Discipleship Hour (9 AM Sundays) classes will start on Sunday, September 10thWe have some great classes for you and the entire family. We want to help make disciples and classes like this are a great way to grow in the Lord and develop relationships with others. Please let the leader know if you are planning to come and if you plan to have your children come.


  1. Children (birth to 5th grade) studying “What’s in the Bible?” Contact

  3. Youth (grades 6th-12th) examining the book of Revelation. Contact

  5. Adult classes are:
    1. “Alive in Christ” with Marcia Wilbur ( - Come discover what it truly means to have the fullness of our Lord Jesus living in you, and as a result, your calling to walk in the power and authority that He has bestowed upon us, His disciples!
    2. “Godly Parenting” with Pastor Jimmy and Susan Bamberg. ( Parenting is one of the most awesome and challenging responsibilities we ever face. Yet, when we parent well, we are not only shaping our children but future generations. This class will discover what God says about how we raise our children and how to apply what He says. It will address principles of age-appropriate discipline, nurturing, and shaping the will without crushing the spirit. The text will be Dr. James Dobson’s, Essentials of Discipline.

    4. “Dealing With the Rejection and Praise of Man” with Andy Hines and Rachel Simms ( – A very short and simple book (85 pages) by Rob Sorge full of truth about rejection and acceptance. These truths will help you find freedom and healing and increase your walk with Christ. Sorge is an anointed author.

    6. “Systematic Theology” with Kerry Doolittle ( – This class will examine some of the major theologies of Christianity, using Dr. Wayne Grudem’s book as the text.  It will involve reading, discussion, and encouragement to further research the topic so as to know what one believes about God, Jesus, salvation, Holy Spirit, angels, demons, end times, etc.


I really encourage you to get involved in one of these classes. All it involves is coming a little earlier on Sundays, and I think you will be amazed at how God will your effort. Again, please be sure to contact the leader so they know how many to expect.

Be praying for the situation in TX. The tragedy is enormous. I think one of the best ways we can help right now is by giving to the ministry of Samaritan’s Purse. I just sent a donation to that ministry today!


 Jesus is Head of the Church,


Pastor David



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