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Mike and I really enjoyed today’s sermon on tithing. I am reminded of a story we have to tell: Mike and I had been married about a year and for the first time in our lives had been faithful in tithing and watched God provide for us over and over. For the first time in both of our lives we actually had a savings account. One Sunday after our pastor preached on tithing my dear husband felt led to offer a challenge to our entire church. He told the church that if they would test God and tithe for three months and see that God would give back more than they tithed, or that if it hurt their standard of living, that we would repay what they had given back to them if they had tithed and God was not faithful. I, of
course, was a bit shocked and more than a little anxious that he had made this challenge without asking for my ‘wisdom’ on this matter. Nevertheless, I nervously smiled and went along with his challenge. (I did ask his if he was sure he had heard from the Lord.)

Well, three months later one church member ‘Richard’ came to us with this story. He had taken Mike up on his challenge thinking he couldn’t lose. This was when Emus were starting to be a new investment as the new red meat. Richard felt led to purchase a breeding pair of Emus at
a hearty $500.00. This was a huge investment for his family. The prices started to rise with the pairs going to over $6,000 in a very short period of time. Richard was then awakened early one morning by the Holy Spirit and told to sell them that day. He did sell them that
day and guess what? The next day the prices started falling. Needless to say, God was faithful and our savings stayed in the bank. Now, I am not saying to invest in Emus but God was and is always faithful. And that is just one of our financial testimonies.
Phyllis Steinborn


…Sadly, pornography found its way into the kid’s lives. As a result, the oldest son tried to practice what he had seen on the screen with his sister; starting …” […] Read More


It grieved me for the first time to realize that in the midst of a time of increasing racial tension and division, that by and large the church offers not hope or light …” […] Read More


I was raised by a white single mom and my dad is African American but was not involved. I endured a lot of racism growing up in the South in small town. I always …” […] Read More


In 2009 I made a decision that later play a very important role in bringing me down to my knees and looking up at the cross and wondering how God could ever forgive me.  But our God is faithful and He never forsake us or leave us. And in the lowest of lows and …” […] Read More


From the age of 12 all the way up to the present of being 24 I lost myself in my addictions to partying/sex, drinking, porn, and bitterness to my biological parents. All of those addictions I have cost me to lose things that I held on to as a sign of significance …” […] Read More

ministriesMITCH DAVIS

Make no mistake, life challenges and frustrations did not disappear, they may have actually increased, but God had given me a new perspective. He was molding me into a NEW man. It’s hard to pinpoint that exact moment when these changes occurred. …” […] Read More

ministriesEVAN MANOTAS

It wasn’t until recently that I started asking questions about spiritual things. My dad would sit down with me from time to time and answer questions for me, even making Power Points that I could watch after I got home from school and. …” […] Read More

ministriesSHEY WILKIN

It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I started hearing about Jesus again. One of my best friends constantly invited me to her youth group, so I spent most of my Wednesday nights there, learning about the love of Christ.…” […] Read More

ministriesRICH SUPLITA

In His wisdom and providence, God put a few spiritually-mature Christian men in my path to speak truth into my life. I witnessed how they lived their lives, loving God and putting Him first in all of their affairs. These men deeply loved their families and…” […] Read More

ministriesBRIAN ALLEN

As I grew, I witnessed to people and told them what Jesus had done in my life. When I reached high school, I still called myself a Christian, and I still talked about Jesus, but I also wanted to sin. I had sin in my life and I never thought I could escape…” […] Read More


I don’t remember hearing much about the HS except that He was part of the Trinity and that He came to live in you when you got saved.   I did hear that you got all of Him then too.   So, I guess I figured that’s all there was.   Church was becoming boring to me.…” […] Read More

ministriesKIT JOHNSON

It seems like I have been a Christian my whole life, I accepted Jesus when I was 4 years old. Growing up a church kid I was saturated with the Word, but I never even cared until I asked the Holy Spirit to fill me up, I believe it changed my path forever…” […] Read More

ministriesJERRY PIERRE

One day when I was buying weed, God sent a girl my way named Maggie, we became friends we were only friends for about a week when I began to say, “These cigarettes are killing me and I don’t know what to do!”, and she said “The Lord can help you.” […] Read More

ministriesBLAINE OGLE

We were married shortly after finding out the news. Our daughter was born January 20, 2010 and I became the happiest father alive. Although being a father became my greatest treasure my joy became crippled by an unstable marriage. […] Read More


“My greatest failure in life is waiting till eighteen to get saved. Because if got saved three years earlier when I felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit first, I would have saved lives of two babies that were aborted because of me.”   Read More


“From all of those hurts I knew I had to forgive because I was a good Christian girl. So I would muster all my will and forgive, forgive, forgive. But I wasn’t free. And finally He showed me that if I would just get into my gut, and allow the Christ in me to flow out.”   Read More


“In the mid 70′s I was given a small booklet on the Holy Spirit and asked to teach a new member’s class about the Holy Spirit. It’s a good thing I had the booklet because I knew nothing about the Holy Spirit!”   Read More


“ I am the oldest of three children in a family of faithful Southern Baptists. I’m pretty much a goodie-two-shoes, so I was able to fit into the Christian mold without too much trouble. The problem was that when I decided to accept Jesus as a nine year old, it wasn’t genuine.”   Read More

ministriesANDY HINES

“I was adopted at 3 days old. That caused me endless amounts of grief growing up because I didn’t look like anyone else in my family. In 6th grade I was badly abused by a woman teacher. It was a horrible experience for a young boy to go through.”   Read More

ministriesLUCY YEOMANS

“Hi, I’m Lucy and I’m 11. I have been attending a summer camp at Prince Avenue Church called WinShape for the past several years. This past summer at camp, I started thinking a lot about being saved and what it means to be saved.”   Read More

ministriesAMY LAWRENCE

“I grew up in a rather conservative church. A number of years ago, someone invited me to a more “animated” church, one of those where people applauded and raised their hands. My initial impression was that church should be a much more solemn place.”   Read More


“ However, when I was very young, I believed in God. I remember feeling peace and contentment reading my great grandmother’s black leather bible in my bed. Then something happened to me, and this caused me to reject Christ and Christianity for over 30 years. ”   Read More


“I never get tired of seeing God’s mighty hand at work. Whether your gift is great or small, it’s not important to God. The bible says in II Corinthians 9:7 that God loves a cheerful giver.”   Read More


“As a young boy of 14 I experienced severe abuse, both physical and sexual in nature. It was not perpetrated on me by my parents, but they played a significant role in the abuse by placing me in situations where abuse was inevitable.”   Read More


“As I gained a deeper understanding of what it means to surrender my pain to Christ so that He can forgive others through me, he brought me into a lifestyle of forgiveness.”   Read More


“I no longer have to settle for a dry and distant relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I not only know Him more intimately, but it seems as if His Word has taken on new meaning in my life. I experience a new level of joy. I have power and victory over previous sins…”   Read More


“I began to start questioning things in the back of my head. “Why am I here”, “What is my purpose”, and “Why does all the world exist” were some of questions I was asking myself. Nothing on the outside of my life was different, but…”   Read More


“Before taking the class, ” The steps to biblical freedom ” by Neil T. Anderson, I was curious to know what true freedom meant in the life of a Christian. I knew that Christ died for me and paid the price for my sins, but I did not understand how I could be free …”   Read More


“During the last prayer session, with my eyes closed, and Ron and Andy praying, I envisioned a door with light seeping in around the edges. I tried to open the door but something kept trying to distract me. A struggle similar to a tug of war ensued …”   Read More

ministriesNOEL DEHRING

“Before I came to Christ my life was very non-religious. I was superstitious and believed in things like luck. To tell the truth I found Christianity slightly ridiculous. I found it hard to believe that there was a God who looked over everyone.”   Read More


“I would like to tell you about my life before I accepted Christ. I didn’t understand how important it was to be saved. I didn’t believe or go to church because I didn’t grow up knowing Christianity. Then my mom was saved…”   Read More


Life stories on tithing from people at Living Hope Church   Read More


Growing up my family always went to church, I went to a Christian school for 13 years, and that entire time my heart was completely cold and dead toward God. I understood that there was something wrong between me and God, but I thought the solution was …   Read More

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