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“Iron Man” Groups for Men

1.    “Leadership Essentials” (book by Greg Ogden) led by Jerry Kiser.  Every Sunday afternoon starting Nov. 13 at 450 McDuffie Dr, Athens, GA 30605.  706-540-5686.

2.    “Being a Godly Man” led by Dewey Lee every other Thursday at 7 PM at the church starting Nov. 15.  Learn what God’s Word and famous authors have said about being a godly man.  229-392-6607.

3.    “Wild at Heart” study (John Eldredge material) led by Jonathan House every Tuesday at 6:30 am at TBD, starting Nov. 15.   706-352-9242.

4.    “Francis Chan study of James” led by Brian Allen, every Monday from 6:00-7:00 PM at 199 Sena Dr., Athens, GA 30605 starting Nov. 14.  706-540-0803.

5.    “Men and Worship” led by Joshua Brooks every Tuesday at 7 PM at 108 Jones Rd., Athens, Ga 30601 starting Nov. 15.  Learn about how we are all priests of God and made to worship God every day.  706-614-0007.

6.    “A Man and His Traps” – part 3 of the Series 33 material led by Rafael Manotas every Sunday at 9 AM starting Nov. 13 at the church.  This study examines the many temptations men face today and how to live victoriously.  770-375-6103.

7.    “A Man and His Story” – part 2 of the Series 33 material led by Terry Miller every Thursday at 7:30 PM at the church staring Nov. 17.  This study looks at how our past affects our present and overcoming any issues from our past.  404-617-5758.

8.    “Book of Ephesians” led by Eric Brown every Wednesday from 6:45-7:45 PM at the church starting Nov. 16, while the youth group meets.  706-621-3092.

9.    “In This Life You Will Have Trouble” led by Jesse Marsden every other Mondays from 7-9 PM at 210 Springbrook Ln., Winterville, GA 30683 starting Nov. 14, and every other Sunday afternoons for activities. This study will look at the common troubles men experience in life.   706-372-5751.

10.   “Life Together” (Dietrick Bonhoeffer book) led by Austin Hall either Tues. at 6:30 pm or Mon. at 6:00 am.  478-258-8627.

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