Small Groups at Living Hope

We believe life-change most often occurs when truth is shared in the context of a relationship (Acts 2:41-47). Small groups are an ideal environment for truth and relationships to come together, in the power of the Holy Spirit, to transform us into the image of Christ. Our vision is to see community groups from throughout the five county regions of Living Hope. We hope to see people join an online small group, so as to reach out into their community with the grace and truth of Jesus.

NEW BIBLE STUDY Begins Wednesday, July 15.

6:30pm - 8:00pm

JULY 15  /  JULY 22  /  JULY 29 / AUGUST 5

This Apologetics Class led by Dr. Rich Suplita will cover:

  • Existence of God

  • Reliability of the Bible

  • Identity of Jesus Christ

  • Hot moral topics like LGBTQ

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Now is the time to seriously consider joining one of our online small groups called "Zoom Groups" at Living Hope Church! Just register on the Living Hope mobile app and the group leader will get back to you with further details. For more Information on the Small Group ministry and our discipleship plan, contact Pastor David Holt at