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Small Groups

Small Groups are ways for people to connect with God and others.  We believe transformation best occurs when truth is shared in relationship.  We offer a variety of Small Groups for your growth in God and relationship with others.

Home Groups

We have many Home Groups in various areas. We desire for everyone to be in a group in an area near where they live.  These groups will include fellowship, food, discussion of the Sunday sermon, prayer, and outreach.  For more information or to express interest, contact Brooks Lemmon at

Wednesday Night Spring Groups

March 22 - May 10

Wednesday PM (6:30- 8 pm while children and youth meet) Adult Growth Groups.  January 11-March 15, 2023

At Living Hope, Wednesday nights (6:30-8:00 PM) are a way for everyone – children, youth and adults, to grow deeper in the Lord and in relationship with one another.  Sign up for a group on our mobile app or by emailing  

Adults can choose from the following groups:

1.     Transformational Discipleship Module 2 with Pastor David Holt. Learn what it means to be strong in the Lord, abide in the Word, and overcome the evil one.  Requirements: watch a 3-minute video and read a short chapter on your own, and then come to the group for discussion.  THIS CLASS IS FULL

2.     The Chosen season 2 with David and Kim Russell. This group discusses and goes deeper into the Scriptures related to the Dallas Jenkins show The Chosen.  Requirements: watch the 30-50-minute episode on your own and come to group for discussion.  THIS CLASS IS FULL

3.     Getting Stress Free: Biblical and Scientific Solutions with Gayle Tillman.  Dr. Caroline Leaf's teachings, supplemented by additional Scriptures is used in this group to help us gain victory from stress by renewing our mind in God's Word.  THIS CLASS IS FULL 


4.     Book of Daniel with Bob Russo.  This group will study the book Daniel chapter by chapter.  In it you will discover the rise and fall of nations, Jesus as the "Son of Man", and various prophecies about the End Times. 


5.     Prayer with Angela Patterson and others.  This group dives into serious prayer, seeking God's face, and interceding for others as the Spirit leads. 

6.     Question and Answer group with Dr. Rich Suplita.  This group will tackle any question people want to discuss, and is especially designed for seekers and unbelievers.  This goes hand in hand with our new sermon series "Fresh Encounters with Jesus."    



Some classes may fill up.  


Men’s Groups:

Iron man groups are 3-5 men who meet throughout the week for encouragement, accountability and spiritual growth.

Noblemen is an intensive 12-week discipleship journey into biblical manhood with multiple groups meeting at various times throughout the week.

33 The Series is a 10-week video curriculum and discussion about biblical manhood.

Contact Dustin Butler at 814-574-6066 for more information.

Women’s Groups: 

Sunday 11:00 AM -12:30 PM with Angela Patterson doing a Women of Courage study.  706-386-4990



Young Adult Groups (ages 20-35) Contact Stephanie Gibson at for more information.

We look forward to meeting you and growing in our relationships with God alongside you!

Join us Thursdays at 7:00 PM in the Generation’s Building for weekly small-group, and every third Sunday of the month at 6 PM for Worship Night!    

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