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We desire with all our heart to see people live in freedom and joy.  All of us at one time or another need some type of wisdom and counseling. Therefore, there should be no shame in getting counseling.  In fact, getting counseling shows wisdom and a desire to be complete in Christ.


Pastor Jimmy Bamberg did a lot of counseling when he was on staff.  However, Since Pastor Jimmy is no longer with us, we are handling the counseling needs in a variety of ways:


  1. Pastor David Holt and Pastor Shanon Hayes do some counseling, if it is a very limited need.;

  2. Buddy Prow ( is a licensed counselor who is available by zoom and in-person on Wednesday nights (at church).  He is gifted to help in many areas of need. If finances are a barrier, one can apply for help through our benevolent ministry by emailing

    3. Pastor Jimmy Bamberg is available in-person and by zoom at

    4. Prayer is always available through the ministry of prayer in our church. 

         Contact Angela Patterson at

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